Make your escape on our boat

Hornblower Hybrid yatch in the water with Alcatraz island in the background


Welcome to the greenest fleet on the San Francisco Bay. Featuring our environmental flagship vessel, the Hornblower Hybrid. It’s the first-of-its-kind that uses wind and solar power to save energy. Big, small, bright, and beautiful; we have the perfect boat for your special event.
  • Hornblower Hybrid

    The Hornblower Hybrid is the only vessel of its kind in the world and available to host a zero emission cruise on the San Francisco Bay. The eco-friendly vessel is powered largely by solar panels, wind turbines, and grid electricity.

  • Alcatraz Flyer

    Whether in route to Alcatraz Island on board for a private event, the Alcatraz Flyer allows for an enjoyable experience onboard.  With 3 decks; 1 open and 2 closed, there is plenty of space for guests to take in the sights and sounds of the San Francisco Bay. 

  • Alcatraz Clipper

    The Alcatraz Clipper at 128’ feet in length provides an enjoyable cruising experience.  With options to mingle in or outdoors, guests have the opportunity to walk about the vessel with ease. 

  • Islander

    With 3 decks, 2 enclosed and 1 open, the Islander is an extremely versatile vessel for any occasion. With various set up options available, guests have the opportunity to enjoy their time aboard any way they choose. 

  • Ranger

    Comfortable ferry style seating throughout this vessel makes for an enjoyable ride wherever your destination may be.  With two spacious decks guests are able to roam throughout the vessel as they please.